My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Discussion, Plot Predictions, Spoilers, Release Date And Latest Updates

My hero academia 297

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 is just around the corner. Fans are going gaga with speculations, theories and detailed analysis of the well loved characters, both Pro-Heroes and League of Villains. Chapter 297 will be out by Sunday, January 17, 2021. The title of the chapter will be “Tartarus”. And there won’t be a break next week.

Prison Break Arc Begins In My Hero Academia Chapter 297

The actual breaking in of the Tartarus prison will take no time. But the arc will be what happens after all those criminals are out on the streets during the desperate and futile last stand against total collapse. So, once they break into Tartarus and find AFO’s cell, they’ll break the wall down. And then, he’ll be dusted by Shigaraki straight way.

Shigaraki will probably be like “Now it’s my turn”. He’s done with being controlled and influenced by AFO. The makers will probably have Shigaraki develop beyond his hatred. And take back his body from AFO once and for all and make the power his own. AFO won’t give up easily, though.

Dabi’s Credibility Is Gone, But What Happens To Endevour’s Reputation Now?

Best Jeanist will most likely appear on TV. As a result, the general population will be elated with the fact that Dabi was lying. Dabi said that Best Jeanist was dead in his video. Jeanist’s appearance will do some heavy damage to Dabi’s credibility. Some people were already thinking he was annoying. Therefore, this hit might be all they need to completely disregard him.

However, that would all depend on what Endeavor has to say about it, since the public seems to want a statement from him as well. The aforementioned hit to Dabi’s credibility could provide Endeavor with a plausible way out of the inevitable black mark it’ll leave on his career. So if he lied and denied Dabi’s story, that could possibly salvage his reputation (and no doubt the HPSC will pressure him to do so). But if he does, then he risks losing his family’s trust forever.

Hence, there is a probability that Endeavor will corroborate Dabi’s story, say that the “allegations” are true. And maybe even step down from his position as #1. In order to direct at least some of the heat away from his family, Endeavor could become the sacrificial lamb for public outrage. Endeavor lying and denying Dabi’s accusations would undo all of the wonderful progress he’s made as a character and return him to where he started. We could see Endeavor finally choosing his family over his career and that his atonement solidified once and for all.

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