My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Latest Spoilers And Detailed Summary; AFO-Shigaraki Have A Serious Talk

MY Hero Academia 297

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 summary is here, and it has blown the minds of MHA fans and followers. The chapter is titled “Tartarus”. And it is going to feature prison break at its finest. The official release date for chapter 297 is 17th January, 2021.

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Spoilers

Many villains are escaping, of which Moonfish and Muscular are prominent. Also while the epic prison break is in progress, Shigaraki wakes up. And there is an interesting dialogue between Shigaraki and AFO, where Tomura confronts his Sensei.

Shigaraki: I’ve told you… this is… my body, Master.

AFO: So you’ve awoke, you just rest.

And the chapter ends with AFO saying he’s gonna become the best king of evil, as he’s also escaped.

Chapter Summary For MHA 297

Thanks to twitter user @redandblonde420, here’s a detailed summary of the upcoming chapter. The first page shows a picture of Tartarus. They describe it as a prison equipped with the strongest anti-quirk defense. It is said to be the place where once you enter, you won’t be able to come out alive.

The next panel showed the guard in the monitor room trying to contact those who are out in the field. One of the guards was killed and they set the security status into “red”. And then they show AFO/Shigaraki saying “what an anticlimax”.

The panel changed, showing two guards (let’s call them guard A and guard B) conversing about a new big guy coming called Gigantomachia, who might be the subordinate of the “dry plum head” (AFO). Guard B wondered why they can’t just kill it and guard A said that they won’t be able to kill it with bare hands and using a missile or such wouldn’t be allowed as long as there is a trace of human in it.

Guard B said- “that kind of thing shouldn’t be called human, because they are monsters just like the rest of the prisoners here.” Guard A told him not to say that because they were wiretapped using a quirk. And even if they are not currently under that quirk the machine in the guard room will have a record of the conversation. And it will be a violation of human rights. Guard B replied with “but it’s the truth, they only took the shape of humans”. He continued by saying that they are scary somethings who lost the norm of humanity just because of quirks.

Shigaraki Confronts AFO

The next panel changed showing the fight between guards and AFO/Shigaraki + Nomi. Shigaraki woke up saying “I told you, this is my body, Sensei!” to AFO. But AFO tells him to rest, as his regeneration quirk wouldn’t be effective if he is not back in full health yet. And then they were arguing.

Shigaraki: You are the one who told me to rest… (Shigaraki was protesting because even though AFO told him to rest, he kept using his body to attack Tartarus)

AFO: After we get this over with.

Shigaraki: Return…my body.

AFO: You are the one who wants my power!?

AFO continued with “You spit onto the world who didn’t offer their hand to help you. In order to execute that hatred you wanted power. This is the result of your strong will, therefore this is an important task.” And then Shigaraki said that he won’t be AFO’s pawn. To which AFO told him not to be mistaken, because to AFO, Shigaraki is his precious successor (the next AFO).

The rest of the panels showed how Shigaraki/AFO successfully broke into Tartarus, and many villains are escaping. And they are now able to use their quirks. The recognizable ones were muscular, Moonfish and Overhaul.

The last page shows Shigaraki standing face to face with AFO, with AFO saying “Through this vacant era, the perfect evil king is born. This is the story of how I became the greatest evil king.” End of chapter.

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