My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Spoilers; Kohei Horikoshi Cried While Writing The Chapter; Emotional Storyline Coming Up

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 will probably be going through a heartbreaking phase. The manga series is now taking a dark turn. The Japanese artist seems to be insinuating something emotional is taking place after tearing up while writing the story.

Artist In Tears During The Making Of The Chapter

Horikoshi, reportedly, cried when he was doing MHA Chapter 297. Although the 34-year-old personality didn’t reveal what touched his heart while working on the series, some believed something terrible is going to happen. After everything that occurred in Chapter 296, a lot of things could go wrong in the new chapter.

The manga is on a two-week break, so the wait makes it harder for fans to think about what may happen. Add to that the new Japan anti-piracy law, there may be no raw leaks dropping before the chapter drops. This may also mean that fans will have no choice but to wait for the series’ official release date.

Speculations On My Hero Academia Chapter 297

There are speculations that All Might may visit Stain in the Tartarus prison, and Shigaraki will make his way to break All For One out. This may result in someone’s death in the upcoming chapter. And it could be Shigaraki himself. However, it is also possible that it can be a hero or someone who holds a major role in the manga.

In the new chapter’s short preview, anime leaker Atsushi teased that the worst is not over yet”. This may only mean that there will be more devastating scenes coming after Midnight’s death and Endeavor’s injuries.

Horikoshi’s words may also have something to do with the tarnished image of the Pro Heroes. As people have lost their trust in them, they are now thinking of leaving the city or the organization to live a normal life.

Release Date

Chapter 297’s two-week break will be over as it will be out on Sunday, January 17. Fans have to wait and see how the students of Class 1-A will deal with the epic war’s aftermath.

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