My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Detailed Spoilers: All Pro-Heroes Wake Up In The Hospital Except For One

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My Hero Academia Chapter 298 spoilers are already trending on Twitter and fans who are not interested in reading them, should avoid it. However, the spoilers have a lot to say about the upcoming chapter. The chapter in itself goes in a completely unexpected direction. From the looks of it, that’s not what fans predicted. Chapter 298 is scheduled to release on Sunday, January 24th, 2021.

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Spoilers

The title of the chapter is ‘Crumbling Sound’ and opens with a flashback of the heroes raiding Jakku Hospital. Redestro narrates that he has always had two “faces” (the public businessman and leader of the PLF), but since the Deika City battle, he has literally been two different people. The next panel then shows Redestro in a gigantic form and battling against some heroes and the Public Safety Commission.

Back to the Tartarus Prison break, AFO is in control of Tomura’s body and tells Spinner not to worry because he understands Tomura’s will. And once the body is completed, he will fulfill the will.

The panel then changes to Bakugo after the war, he is injured and holding his abdomen. We then see Sato, Mineta, Sero and Hagakure are at his bedside in Central Hospital. Mineta is crying with relief seeing Bakugo awake. Bakugo then yelled at them and they once again felt relieved because it’s the usual Bakugo.

Cut to Grand Torino, Aizawa and Present Mic – Mic wants to tell Aizawa about Midnight, but is cut off. Aizawa tells him to not talk about it, and then he asked about his students.

Cut again to the hospital, where Natsuo and Fuyumi being interrogated by a group of angered reporters. Todoroki is trying to analyse what happened, thinking that Dabi’s fire was a “fire full of hatred”, but his throat is burned so bad that he can’t speak. Shouto sees the old him in Dabi. He then drew the conclusion that Endeavor wouldn’t be able to “do” it and he should be the one to handle “Touya-Ni”.

Bakugo Misses Deku In His Own Way

Bakugo is walking down the corridor towards Deku’s room. But is being told that this is putting his body in danger again and that he should rest. He heard that everyone else had gained consciousness except for Deku and said, ‘I’ll kill that bastard if he dies”.

The chapter ends with Deku lying in the bed unconscious, with All Might at his bedside.

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