My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Plot Predictions, Preview, Release Date And Latest News On Spoilers And Raw Scans

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My Hero Academia Chapter 298 is the next issue in the manga series. The spoilers and leaks for My Hero Academia 297 chapter are out already. And it depicts how the League of Villains raids the Tartarus Prison and breaks out the supervillains including the real body of All for One.

League of villains MHA

This shows that things could get way worse in the imminent chapters. The Hero society is fractured and powerful villains are out on the streets. Moving forward, creator Kohei Horikoshi has decided to make the manga storyline darker. And things are looking real tough for the Pro Heroes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Preview and Predictions

Chapter 298 spoilers will be out around Thursday, January 21 as per the regular schedule. The manga raw scans will leak out on the internet a few days before the official release. But then again, the anti-piracy laws are very strict now and there could be no MHA 298 spoilers at all.

A preview released by twitter user Atsushi says “Army Of Darkness… Unleashed into the World.” And it means that the supervillains will gather a new army and unleash their terror on the world. Most of the heroes are either injured or dead. And the citizens have lost faith in them. So, adding an army of villains at this stage will be very dangerous.

Muscular, Moonfish, Overhaul and All for One have escaped the Tartarus prison. Chapter 298 will probably show what happens when they are on the loose. Fans are saying that Horikoshi is pulling out a reverse Impel Down and Marineford (One Piece reference) where there will be a prison break after a big war, instead of the opposite.

Release Date, Spoilers And Raw Scans

Chapter 298 release date is set as next Sunday, January 24, 2021. The raw scans for the manga chapter will be leaked out 2-3 days before. And the spoilers could even come out a bit earlier. However, it would be better to wait for the official release.

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