My Hero Academia Chapter 299 Detailed Summary; Release Date And Where To Read Online

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My Hero Academia Chapter 299 full summary has been put together by fans. Based on the manga spoilers, Twitter users Deku’s Notebook and Atsushi have come up with translations of the chapter. This installment focuses on the backstory of Hawks and also explains how Best Jeanist came back from the dead.

My Hero Academia Chapter 299 Full Summary

The chapter starts with a flashback and narration from Hawks where he says Heroes only exists behind TV screens and their existence is no different from the animes. The next panels shows Hawks getting yelled at by his mother because he went to the city. Hawks explained that he felt a sting in his wings and thought that something happened in the city. But the stinging stopped halfway, and he returned home. Hawks was then being yelled at by his dad who called him a liar and their house is very poor with a lot of abuse by his father.

The narration then shows that Hawks’ dad kills someone for money and his mom helps him to hide. It is when Hawks was born. The next panel shows his dad kicking on his back as Hawks was standing in his way with his back on him. The next scene shows that Hawks’ dad regret that he was born as he would still have been free otherwise. The name of Hawks’s mother is Tomie. Hawks said he always endured all the abuses as he didn’t wanted to grow up broken like his parents as he holds his Endeavor plushie.

It is then revealed the father of Hawks ran away leaving his mother and him alone. Endeavor once came to ask about that and Hawks was shocked to see a hero in person. Even Tomie used to abuse Hawks and asked him to bring money no matter how, she also used to curse Hawks for being born with the wings. The commission found Hawks and his mom, and they were offered full support to live a new life and all their ties with Takami were erased.

The Truth About Best Jeanist Being Alive

The next scene takes place in the present time where Hawks and Best Jeanist are in a car and Jeanist is driving. Best Jeanist said he was glad that Hawks is awake as he was not sure whether Hawks was injured or dead. Hawks was using a breathing mask and his voice was changed a bit. Jeanist said that if it it wasn’t was the Central Hospital, Hawks would have been in a dying state. Also, Jeanist would not have to go through a surgery where they put his body into a dead state, using the same concept they did for the surgery of Nomu.

The one who came up with the surgery idea was Hawks himself. The risk of him getting caught as a spy would be too high if he didn’t submit his real body. It is how Dabi thought that Jeanist was really dead and they put his body along with the Nomus in case they wanted to revive him in the future. But Hawks stole the body of Jeanist at the right time and this is how Best Jeanist came back from the dead.

Letter From Mom

During their conversation, Jeanist pulled the brakes of the car and they caught up a villain. One of the passing civilians explained that there are no Hero agencies in the area after facing heavy criticism. Hawks and Jeanist then arrives at Tomie’s house where she left a letter saying sorry to Hawks. The letter says that a man came to her house and asked her to tell the truth. It is implied that the man was Dabi.

Jeanist says that he regrets that his mom told Dabi everything. But Hawks said that it is fine as the commission as erased all the connection between them. Since the Hero commission is now crumbling down, he is a free man and he can do whatever he wants. There is a small flashback which shows that Hawks’ mother brought him an Endeavor plushie. And how he considers him as an ideal. Hawks then says he don’t care what Dabi revealed about the Todoroki family and he wants to help out Endeavor.

Chapter 300 Preview: With fierce determination, Hawks will fly again!

Release Date And Read Online

Chapter 299 will release on Sunday, January 31 at 11 am EST. Fans can read it online for free legally via Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus platforms.

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