My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Plot Predictions, Discussions, Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Read For Free

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 may return to the present world. In the recent chapter we saw Hawks’ past. It may now focus on other characters, like Deku himself, who may be in the Vestige world to meet other One for All users. There are speculations that Deku may experience some power-up, while Shoto may get his mom’s help to overcome their sad family situation.

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Plot Predictions

In the next chapter, fans could see the stronger force of the League of Villains after the Tartarus prison break. All for One is surely planning something huge. Additionally, the preview teases Hawks will be able to fly again with the help of his fierce determination.

It may mean that the upcoming chapter will feature a timeskip. Or fans could simply see how Hawks starts to fly again. Although the manga previews have been known for dropping vague teasers, it is still hinting at the next installments’ possible tone.

There may also be some updates about Shigaraki and All for One. As AFO seems to be controlling Shigaraki and other newly-escaped villains are overtaking things, it looks the existing League of Villains is not happy with their arrival. This may even result in a battle within the group. There are theories Shigaraki may kill All for One. However, there are also claims that All Might may die while trying to protect Deku from these supervillains.

Meanwhile, the previous raid that resulted in huge chaos might lead to a new power-up for the series’ main protagonist. As Deku is still unconscious after all the injuries he has sustained, he may again enter his subconscious. When the same thing happened in the past, he entered his subconscious and met Daigoro Banjo, who gave him a short brief about One for All and Blackwhip, which he originally owned. With Shigaraki’s “awakening,” Deku got stronger. As they might meet again, their abilities might increase and up their game.

Along with all this, Shoto might be reunited with her mom, Rei. This would result in a Todorki reunion. After his older siblings visited Shoto, a mysterious silhouette appeared. And it matched up Rei’s image, especially the hair. As Rei learned about Dabi’s big reveal about Endeavor, she might help her son cope.

Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans And Where To Read Online

Chapter 300 may drop on Sunday, February 6. Spoilers will be out around Thursday, February 4. The manga raws scans, title and summary are leaked out on Thursday every week. Spoilers will be updated once the manga raws scans are verified and translated into English. Fans can read the manga for free on VIZ media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus official website and platforms.

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