My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Plot Discussion And Release Date; BNHA Ranked No. 1 In Top 20

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 will take an emotional turn. Despite the rampant chaos the villains bring, the next chapter may primarily focus on Endeavor.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Plot Discussions

There are assumptions that the Flame Hero may eventually meet his demise. After Dabi’s revelations and his exposés about his father, nobody knows how devastated the Todoroki patriarch is today. Indeed, Endeavor looks miserable after what happene. However, some say he deserves everything that is happening to him. All the pain and suffering he has inflicted on his family and everyone surrounding him is finally taking its toll on him.

As a punishment, he may start living with his guilt and may eventually die. But before that happens, he will feel dead inside because of the hatred he is about to experience. As he created his own monster, he must learn to accept himself and the mistakes he has done. The upcoming chapter may take a turn for the worse with the Todoroki family in crisis and the villains on the loose. Now is the right time for Endeavor to be a father and a hero at the same time. He has to either face Endeavor or give up being a hero himself.

My Hero Academia Endeavour

LoV To Have Problems

The citizens have lost their faith in the heroes, while the Hero Society is falling apart. Most of the heroes are leaving this profession and the city itself to start anew. This leaves the place in chaos, with no one look after at as other heroes are still recuperating in the hospital.

Stain has some issues with other League of Villains members after releasing All For One and other dangerous antagonists. This incident could be the cause for the internal debate.

stain MHA

Release Date, Spoilers, Scans And A Good News

Chapter 301 is set to be out on Sunday, February 14. Reddit Raw Scans and Spoilers may release on 12th February 2021.

With the series’ intense turn of events, it is no surprise that MHA volume 26 has been ranked #1 on NPD BookScan’s Top 20 adult graphic novels list for January.

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