My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Title And Spoilers; Todoroki Family Backstory To Be Shown

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 spoilers are out. And they arrived early on a Wednesday, just like the last time. Most of the fans are not even aware that the latest spoilers are out. Consequently, even the pre-release threads on social media platforms are not updated.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Spoilers

Thanks to Twitter user Atsushi, we now know quite a bit about the upcoming chapter. It has been titled– ‘Mischief of Fire – Part 1’. So, this could mean that the chapter after that could be titled ‘Mischief of Fire – Part 2’.

My Hero Academia

The imminent chapter deals with Todoroki family backstory. It opens with flashback of Enji getting engaged with Rei. Back to present, Rei visits Enji because she felt their family isn’t okay. Next scene is of Dabi, his right hand is badly burned that he can’t even feel anything. He says:

“Mother, Todoroki Enji, Fuyumi, Natsu, Shoto… Watch me from the depth of hell!”

Touya’s Childhood

When Touya was a kid, he did inherit Enji’s feeling to surpass All Might. That’s why he trained really hard and always got burn scars. To make Touya give up on those feelings, Enji says he needs another child & Touya will never surpass All Might. Touya kept training so his father can see him. Chapter ends with the line: “The past becomes clear! Next chapter, the family is….”

My Hero Academia

It seems that we will get the full flashbacks of the Todoroki family drama, Enji’s younger days. And more on the relations between Touya (Dabi) and Rei Todoroki.

Release Date, Raw Scans And Where To Read Online

Chapter 301 release date is Sunday, February 14 at 11 am EST. Spoilers and full summary will be updated soon once the raws are compiled and translated into English. Fans can read online the manga for free on VIZ media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus official platforms, which would also help the manga creators.

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