My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Leaks And Theories; Release Date, Spoilers And Raw Scan Update

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Release Date and Preview

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 is coming out this week, as there is no break. The storyline will move forward from the Todoroki family drama and take things forward in the real world. The last two chapters were full of emotional drama and flashbacks. But new action panels are expected to be coming soon.

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Leaks and Theories

While the spoilers were out on early Wednesday for some time, it happened due to a public holiday in Japan and things are now back to the regular schedule. The physical manga copies will be the first source to leak spoilers on the internet.

Hawks and Best Jeanist were listening to the entire Todoriki family drama in the hospital and they are confident that Endeavor would find a way out of the problem. Hawks have worked for enough time with Endeavor that he is sure that the No. 1 Pro Hero won’t give up that easily.

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Furthermore, Rei said that she is equally responsible for the Dabi situation and it might be a bit helpful. Best Jeanist is not that much affected by the recent fight as he came fresh out of death and still has a positive approach.

Release Date, Spoilers And Read Online

The upcoming chapter can be read online for free from the official manga publishers that releases the chapters on their web and mobile platforms. The latest 3 chapters of the manga series are available for free and hence fans should read My Hero Academia Chapter 303 from the following official platforms.

  • Shonen Jump
  • Viz Media
  • MangaPlus

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Chapter 303 official release date is Sunday, February 28th. And the manga issue will be live around 11 am EST and similar time in other time zones. Spoilers will be out around Thursday, February 25th with the manga raws leaks arriving on the internet. Spoilers, title and summary will be updated once the manga leaks are verified and translated. Fans should always read the manga from the official platforms and support the creators.

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