My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Release Date And Spoilers: Top 3 Pro-Heroes To Team Up? No Break Next Week

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My Hero Academia Chapter 303 summary is out, at last. This chapter focuses on the top 3 Pro Heroes and how the situation regarding the Heroes in Japan is changing. It seems that we will get to see some American Heroes this time as the reinforcements from other countries are called in.

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Spoilers

The new chapter has been titled “Top 3”. Best Jeanist and Hawks enter the room and apologize because they overheard everything. They ask Todoroki Family to include them in their fight with Dabi. Rei suddenly bows and apologizes for what Dabi did to Hawks & Best Jeanist. They both calm her down. Hawks wants himself, Endeavor and Best Jeanist to team up together.

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Japan has been asking other countries to send heroes and rescue teams to help them, but due to the suspension of public security, the procedure for dispatching heroes has been delayed — (The double spread with this text shows a silhouette of the hero Electoplant, who we saw briefly in the Two Heroes movie when All Might was working in America). Hawks is asking the big question: “One for All, what is it?”

Iida, Tsu and Ururaka are shown waiting outside Deku’s room. We then see Jirou talking to Iida (her burnt earjack is bandaged) Her, Tokoyami and Kaminari are okay to leave the hospital.

Electoplant MHA

Deku is still unconscious (But he’s also glowing). All Might says, “Right now, you’re talking with the predecessors.”

Final line: “In his deepest sleep, he’s finally reunited with them!”

Release Date And Raw Scans

Chapter 303 comes out on Sunday, February 28th. Raws and digital scans will be out around Friday or Saturday. The physical manga copies reach the stores in advance and the digital panels are also sent out a few days earlier to the international team for translation purposes. Good news is that there is no break next week. Hence, it’s official that MHA Chapter 304 releases on March 7th.

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Spoilers Latest Update, Release Date And Where To Read Manga Legally

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