My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Full Summary; Deku Meets All Preceeding OFA Users In The Vestige World

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 is titled– Izuku Midoriya And Yagi Toshinori. The detailed summary for the upcoming chapter is out. And it mainly focuses on Deku in the vestige world, with other OFA users.

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Detailed Summary

The chapter starts with All Might holding Deku’s hand and he said that he felt the OFA inside Deku, but only vaguely. Deku was shown to still lay unconscious but he was having an inner dialogue, wondering how is everyone doing. He mentioned Gran Torino, Aizawa, Kacchan, Iida, Ryuukyuu, Endeavour, Hado, Todoroki, Mirio, Rock, Lock, Manual.

My hero academia

The next panel shows Deku in a “room” (vestige world) together with all the predecessors. But the 2nd and 3rd users were standing facing the wall. The 1st user explained that back then they could only “interfere” vaguely. But since 4 months OFA has grown rapidly and now the consciousness of each predecessor has become clearer and clearer. And now they can communicate with each other.

The 1st user explained that in the last battle, big bro (AFO) tried to pull OFA by force, and it caused them to be able to appear even more in front of Deku. Banjou (5th user) said that Deku shouldn’t worry because they will guarantee to keep Deku’s “privacy”.

My hero academia

OFA’s Side Effects Explained

Banjou realised that Deku still doesn’t have a mouth. But since the fight with Shigaraki, Deku could form vowels, meaning his mouth (in the vestige) had started to form. The first to talk is the 4th user, Shinomori Hikage. He explained that in the last battle Deku unexpectedly used his power. Banjou teased Shinomori saying he’s a weirdo. Banjou and Shinomori looked quite friendly with each other.

Shinomori explained that his cause of death at 40 years old is “old age”. Deku was surprised. He continued that the conclusion is OFA is not something a normal human can use.


Deku Is The Final OFA User

Shinomori spent 18 years running from AFO because he knew he couldn’t beat him, and tried to foster the power instead. But on his last years he felt the side effect of OFA on his body. At first he thought that it’s because he was training wrongly all this time, or because he got some kind of disease. But thanks to All Might’s research, now he is sure that it’s his death was due to having multiple quirks, and it “burnt” his life force, (making him aged faster thus died faster).

But after Shinomori, All Might actually owned the power for longer time and is still alive, so there must be something that differentiate Shinomori and All Might. Deku figured that it is fact that All Might was quirkless.

So if someone already has a quirk and received OFA it would cause them to shorten their lifespans. But quirkless people are like empty glass, thus it’s suitable for OFA. Passing it to people with quirk will only make them die young. And they also concluded that Deku cannot pass OFA to another person, thus he will be the last holder.

The last page of the chapter showed Nana saying “Back to the main topic, can you kill Shigaraki Tomura?”

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