My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Detailed Summary: Shindo Faces Muscular Alone; Deku Arrives To Save Shindo

My hero academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 307 has been titled “Long Time No See”. And the complete detailed summary is already out. Keep reading to learn how things unfold into a much awaited face-off.

My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Full Summary

The first page showed a destroyed city. And they were describing that a Tartarus escapee was spotted in South district. In the next page, we see Shindo Yo (Hero name: Grand), and Nakagame Tatami (Hero name: Turtle Neck). Both of them were now in their third year, implying that the new school year had started). They’re heading to “Taguchi Building” to persuade the citizens, who are staying there to defend themselves on their own, to move to Ketsumatsu School (Shido’s school).

Tatami Shindo MHA

The citizens looked down on them because they’re just kids. They also argue that they doubt the heroes would be able to do anything if villains are attacking their designated shelter, where there are so many citizens in one place. They said that they had realised that they shouldn’t entrust their lives to “someone else”. And that they should protect their city by themselves. Because they have succeeded in beating some villains up till now.

Shindo argued that they might be able to go against small villains, but not Nomu and Tartarus escapees. Because even Pro-Heroes have died against them. Shindo tried to win them over with smile and told them to let them protect the citizens once again. But the citizens were not budging. And Shindo ended up not being able to bring them to the shelter. Tatami made fun of Shindo for his failed negotiation because Shindo was so confident at first.


Muscular Arrives

As they were walking, Tatami got a call informing them to run ASAP because a muscled escapee is heading their way. But even before they got a chance to run from there, Muscular arrived. Shindo told Tatami to run and get help. And also help the citizens to escape, while he will try to beat Muscular. When Tatami arrived back at Taguchi Building, the citizens were preparing themselves to fight. Tatami told them not to do it, but the citizens wouldn’t listen. But then there was a big quake.

Shindo was trying to use his vibration to stop Muscular. But Muscular’s muscles were so thick that Shindo’s quirk was nowhere near enough. So Shindo tried his ultimate vibration (after he used it, he won’t be able to move for some time), but that wasn’t enough as well.

Muscular was about to finish Shindo when a smash from Deku came. Deku was able to sense him because of the 4th user’s quirk. Deku then carries Shindo bridal style. And Muscular seemed to recognise Deku’s voice. It looks like the next chapter will be there reunion.

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