My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Plot Predictions, Discussions, Release Date And Latest Updates

My hero academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 307 has a sudden change coming, especially in the lives of the Pro Heroes. Shoto and the Todoroki family are looking ahead to a new journey. After the huge scandal, their lives cannot be the same again. Meanwhile, it’s time for Endeavor to try and redeem himself. On the other hand, Deku will take his own path. While, the heroes seem to be preparing for a big battle against the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Plot Predictions And Discussion

Deku has now become aware of everything that is going on around him. He found out that he is being targeted. Consequently, he decided to leave the U.A. High School. Just in case, something happens to him, no one else needs to get involved or hurt.


He also decided to show the Class 1-A students his quirk. He needed them to understand what was happening. The media, too, is now fully aware of his One for All. And, in spite of leaving his dreams to graduate from U.A. behind, he will possibly embark on a new adventure in the upcoming chapter. Additionally, he could undergo intense training to make himself ready for when a big fight comes.

At the same time, the media seems to be furious with what is happening around. It is eager to know what is going on, especially the reason behind the heroes’ sudden hit. It’s very much clear that everyone is scared after Gigantomachia’s rampage and Dabi’s lies, making people feel unsafe.

My Hero Academia

After Endeavor and Hawks reveal the truth in a press conference, the public doesn’t know whom to trust anymore. Anyhow, Endeavor promises to eradicate all the villains in the society after he shows off his zeal. He also asks everyone to be angry with him alone instead. Even with the reduced numbers, Heroes are ready to stand up and fight. This can only mean that the Pro Heroes will rise again in the next chapter.

Jump In Time?

Word is that there could be a time skip. Upcoming chapters could show the changes that would happen to everyone. Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist will most probably be upping their game and taking all the responsibilities. However, the citizens continue to remain unhappy with them.

My Hero Academia

Along with all that, the League of Villains does not plan on leaving Deku alone. Even after the latter’s decision to live in isolation, LoV has greater plans for him. Aside from Deku’s growth, his emotional side may also be portrayed.

Release Date

Chapter 307 drops on Sunday, March 28th, 2021. However, as the previous chapter showed a written “April” on its last page. Therefore, there could be a break next week but that is still unconfirmed.

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