My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Plot Predictions, Discussions, Release Date And All The Latest Updates

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 will have fans will see Deku back in action again. The chapter is titled “Long Time No See”. The anime series is now on its final arc. And the arc will begin with Muscular and Deku’s rematch.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Plot Predictions

Deku and Muscular are about to face each other, once again. The did have a face-off several chapters ago. They first went into a brawl from Chapter 74 to 76, with Deku coming out as a victor. Will history repeat itself again, or will Deku be experiencing his defeat?

Deku will be rescuing Shindo from Muscular’s hands in the upcoming installment. He will be using his Danger Sense quirk after he manages to locate Muscular after a long while, which justifies the new chapter’s title. Shindo tries his best to stop Muscular from hurting their city’s citizens. However, with a powerful villain like him, Shindo’s quirk is no match for his abilities.

There are theories there will be two new heroes coming, and Deku will task them to save the public while he faces Muscular. Deku may try to talk to Muscular first to see what pushes him to be the way he is now. Fans are hoping the series will take a turn to a new light after Deku’s discussion with the previous One for All users.

my hero academia

Deku has become a vigilante after leaving the U.A. Hero Academy to protect his friends and family. He knows Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains are after him and his One for All quirk. It should also be noted that Deku is no longer in his body’s exact shape that he could take a huge blow just like before. Anyhow, with the additional powers he possesses now, he may still have the upper hand in the fight in the upcoming chapter.

Elsewhere, the new chapter may also give everyone an update about Bakugo, Shoto, and Ochaco. What are these three doing after the time skip?

My Hero Academia

Release Date

All your speculations and doubts will be revealed when the new chapter drops on Sunday, April 4th. Fortunately, there will be no break this time, so fans will get the chance to see what will happen next per schedule.

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