My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Synopsis, Detailed Story; Deku Beats Jailbreaker; Deku And Inko Hug


My Hero Academia Chapter 309 came out few hours ago. All fans are super happy with the way things are unfolding. After a time skip, Deku is back taking on Muscular, now known as Jailbreaker. Deku and Jailbreaker had the much awaited intense rematch. And all thanks to his training and greater control of previous One For All users Quirks, Deku was able to defeat Jailbreaker.

My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Synopsis

Mr. Smith (Shikkui Makabe) and Boomerang Man (Itejiro Toteki) go to help out their classmates. They spot Deku jumping high into the sky with Jailbreaker wrapped up.

Elsewhere the citizens that are still in the abandoned city help Turtle Neck (Tatami Nakagame) to get Grand (Yo Shindo) medical attention. Grand remembers seeing Deku. They had previously met during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc. However, he notes that Deku has changed since then.

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Over at the Daina Police Station, Deku drops off Jailbreaker to the cops so they can place him under arrest. Deku keeps up his Smokescreen Quirk up the whole time to hide his identity and takes off. As his Danger Sense Quirk is calming down Deku goes to meet up with All Might in an alleyway. Deku sys that he is okay, mentioning that the mid-gauntlets that All Might got him from America before the border closures helped him control his powers. All Might reminds Deku not to go overboard since the gauntlet can be destroyed if he uses 100% of One For All.

All Might suddenly gets a call from Hawks. Deku suddenly takes off. Hawks says that Deku likely wants to keep moving so he can keep everyone away from danger. Hawks goes on to say he is in agreement with Deku that they have to be proactive about seeking out the enemy. All Might remembers when a doctor gave him, Izuku, and Inko Midoriya an update on Izuku’s injuries from the fight with Tomuro Shigaraki. The doctor reveals that while he still suffered some damage thanks to his strengthening body kept them from leaving permanent damage. The doctor still warns Izuku to be careful about how he uses his powers.

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Deku Tells His Mom He Is Not Going Back To School

As All Might tells Inko about the safety measures the heroes are putting into place at UA High School, Izuku says he is not going back to school. Izuku says he does not want to attract greater danger to the school and his friends so he wants to stop Shigaraki before things get worse. Inko breaks down unable to take how much her son is putting himself at risk. Izuku thanks her continued support but he needs to do this. Izuku and Inko then hug. Hearing all of this All Might promises to Inko that he will stick with Izuku through all of this.

Then, All Might talks with Best Jeanist, who is with Endeavor and Hawks, and agrees with the plans for Deku and how to deal with the villains. Izuku then goes to see Gran Torino and tells him his decision, and meeting Nana Shimura (One For All’s seventh user). Gran Torino apologizes for failing to kill Shigaraki. He then tells Izuku to not be too rigid as killing can be another way to save someone. Gran Torino then gives Izuku what remains of his cape.

We then see Deku wearing Gran Torino’s cape as a scarf as part of his costume. Deku, along with Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist, and All Might, gets ready to settle the score with the League of Villains.

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