My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie might be the last

My Hero Academia's next movie will be the last?

The legendary manga Boku no Hero Academia aka My Hero Academia has just another hick for the fans. The next movie in the Anime’s series title reveals and details are all that fans were waiting for.

Kohei Horikoshi is heading one of the most popular anime of all times ‘My Hero Academia’. Thus this new movie which is to be introduced in the same universe will explore it further.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie

The team working on My Hero Academia has revealed the title already. The title of the film is My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, also fans anticipate the inclusion of some new characters and villains. Kohei already had the finale in mind as he was also designing the Manga’s finale. He shared this on Twitter,

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Details

Horikoshi never imagined that his Anime would affect the fans so much. He has included a new Big Bad in this movie name ‘Nine’. He is an heir of ‘All for One’ the arch-nemesis of All Might. Also, he has an eerie look with the headwear. The headwear is of the League of Villains. Further, we can see that ‘Nine’ is a much younger version of the villain and has a striking resemblance to ‘All for One’.

My Hero Academia next movie will be the last?

How the members of Class-A will defeat him and how his arc evolves in the new movie would be a treat to fans. Just like the manga, the movie is also anticipated to be filled with action and suspense.

Horikoshi already has a soft corner in the heart of My Hero Academia’s fans. However, he is still quiet about how the pieces will come into place and what new characters we may encounter.

The film will hit theatres later this year, till then fans will have to wait for Horikoshi to drop another bomb related to the anime’s finale.

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