My Hero Academia new spin off manga to roll out this month

New spin off announced for 'My Hero Academia'

Boku No Hero or more famously known as My Hero academia will have a spinoff Manga released this month.

Shueisha’s Weekly magazine released this news. They showcased the involvement of Tankentai in the Anime. Hirokoshi’s Anime has already a very big fan base, and launching these spinoffs will make fans crave for more.

This Spinoff will be Titled ‘My Hero Academia: Team Up Mission’. A prologue chapter of the Manga will be issued in the latter half of July (Mostly 25th July). The total serialization and sequence of Issue will regularly start from August start.

The Manga will be issued in Shueisha’s Magazine name Saikyo Jump. However, the prologue will be issued in Jump Giga magazine from Shueisha’s itself.

Viz media is the handler of Digital print and paper print of the Manga. It was started in 2014 by Hirokoshi and has built a reputation for itself. The Manga became so famous, it was then developed into an Anime. Anime lasted 3 seasons and the 4th season in the franchise will premier on 12th October.

My Hero Academia new spin off manga to roll out this month

Rise of My Hero Academia

2018-29 was a period for Rising of Anime and Manga. We have seen the increase in the fan base of One Piece, One Punch Man and My Hero Academia altogether. MHA: Two Heroes, MHA: Vigilantes, MHA: Heroes Rising and MHA: Smash made the year for the fans. However, Heroes Rising will release in December.

Moreover, there are very little details regarding the Spinoff. Which characters it will include and the storyline all are unclear at the moment. The Spinoff is all set to commemorate with the fifth anniversary of ‘My Hero Academia’.

Moreover, after the spinoff ‘Vigilantes’ response, the My Hero Academia team is focusing on spinoffs too. Vigilantes took the fan base by storm as fans were overwhelmed by the content. Fans would love to have small detailed stories which Hirokoshi fails to explain in the main storylines.

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