My Hero Academia Season 4 set to bring out The Big 3 and League of Villains

My Hero Academia Season 4 Plot, Leaks, Posters

My Hero Academia Season 4 will be back soon and fans can’t wait to see what new things we can expect from the next chapter.

My Hero Academia and One Punch Man are two Anime that have built a huge fan base pretty quickly. Both of them include superheroes with various powers in a world infested with evil. My Hero Academia has emerged as one of the best Anime of all times, fans speculate that season 4 would bring more characters into account.

Here are the details for My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia Season 4 Plot

Well, the basic plot is what we all know. My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya a young boy and his classmates at U.A High try to become the next-gen superheroes. At the end of My Hero Academia Season 3, we witness Midoriya with his school-mates decides to battle Mirio to take the next step toward being a ‘Pro-Hero’.

My Hero Academia: Plot, Leaks, Posters and more ...

We have a brief introduction to The Big 3 of U.A high. They are the strongest and Mirio also tells Midoriya that a major part of their further ‘Pro-Hero Internship’ will be with real Pro Heroes. For the Manga fans, this is a reference to the internship arc in Manga. As it is the longest arc in the whole Manga itself, it is safe to say that it will cover at least 10-15 episodes in season 4.

Moreover, season 4 will witness the rise of new Heroes and Villains. Characters like Overhaul who is named after the infamous ‘Overhaul’ quirk and NightEye will steal the show. Also, new quirks will be added as new characters are bound to be included in My Hero Academia Season 4.

Still, the fan favourite moment ‘Rise of The Villains’ is a long way. In the teaser we see Shigarkai and his teammates have grown stronger and they will probably out-manoeuvre the ‘Pro Heroes’ now.

Released Poster

My Hero Academia: Plot, Leaks, Posters and more ...

My Hero Academia Season 4 Trailer/Teaser

My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date

Season 4 is set to release on 12th October in Japan. No confirmation for the English dub is yet released. My Hero Academia will also witness a movie named ‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’.

The news of a film for MHA fans has kept them patient enough as season 4 is still 3 months away.

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