My Hero Academia Top 10 New and Old Quirks Ranked

Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia or Boku Nu Hiro is an amazing Anime-fantasy world. It is full of surprising powers and utilities. We have ranked the ‘quirks’ for you with the characters for you all.

My Hero Academia Top 10 Quirks

10. COPY

My Hero Academia Top 10 New and Old Quirks Ranked

This quirk allows the user to copy other quirks. ‘Neito Monoma’ holds this quirk. However, it comes with a limitation, he cannot copy all ‘quirks’ as if he could do that he could’ve torn himself apart trying to copy ‘All for One’ quirk.

Still, it makes Neito a worthy opponent and a good versatile fighter. This quirk can be used to surprise enemies and take them down quick.


Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

The most gruesome ‘quirk’ in the list of My Hero Academia, Bloodcurdle is used by ‘Stain’. This unique power allows him to ‘freeze’ any competitor, once he ingests their blood. However, this clearly has a limitation as Stain needs to take the blood of enemies for it to work.

Still, this power was seen in Stain Vs UA students. Stain also has a near-to-villain look on his face always. The quirk and its user are equally devious.

8. Half-COLD Half-HOT

Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

As seen in the series, Todoroki has this quirk. It is an elemental power and we all know they have environmental limitations. But Half Cold Half Hot allows Todoroki to control both Fire and Ice.

This makes him a versatile opponent. With elemental powers and his presence of mind, he is still one of the most formidable opponents in My Hero Academia.

7. Mental Control

Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

We all know this quirk has a lot of potential. However, it is not much explored in MHA. We all have seen Professor X from the X-Men. These powers are similar. The ability to control one’s mind will always be undervalued but still remains one of the most powerful quirks in MHA universe.

Shinso holds this power but still, he has not utilised it much till now.

6. Black Hole

Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

‘Thirteen’ holds this quirk. It is very clear why this quirk is placed on number 6. I mean, Come on! The ability to create black holes? It is not the ability to be overlooked.

Moreover, Thirteen has decided not to use this power for harm. He only uses it for rescue.

5. Disintegration

Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki is the holder of this quirk. He used it against Aizawa and as we could see it was quite disturbing and painful. It is possibly one of the most gruesome quirks in MHA universe.

4. Overhaul

Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

An overhaul is both a quirk and the legendary villain. He is named on behalf of his quirk as they both are equally devious. It is basically ‘Matter Manipulation’ power.

It can both create and destroy or alter matter on will, can also create people or destroy them. Overhaul took down a group of fighters without a second thought and they didn’t stand a chance against him.

3. Rewind

Eri Rewind My Hero Academia

Well, Rewind is a unique quirk and some fans may argue that why is it even on the top 10 list. Well, simply because if used properly it can create havoc. ‘Eri’ is the owner of this power and this quirk can rewind the state of a person to any other moment whichever she pleases.

Thus it makes her a tough fighter to stand against. This power can be used for both ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Also, you can think of Eri as a healer from Overwatch. She stands for support of heroes and quickly heals them and one the other half, damages enemies.

2. One For All and 1. All For One

Top 10 ranked quirks: My Hero Academia

It was very obvious that these two would make up on the top 10 of the list. All Might and All For One both have equal and opposite powers. One For All can give his quirk to others, thus creating a hierarchy of heroes on Earth for protection. However, All For One can take the quirk from others which make him an advanced version of ‘COPY’ and exact opposite to One For All.

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