NASA Moon landing: These are the Apollo 11 secrets no-one ever told you about

NASA Moon landing: These are the Apollo 11 secrets no-one ever told you about
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NASA Apollo 11 Moon landing in 1969 was witnessed by more than 650 million people globally. However, people missed a few things about the mission which just slipped away from their eyes. In this article, we have listed a few secrets that you probably have never heard of.

Details about Apollo 11 book

Apollo 11 was successfully landed on July 20, 1969. NASA had sent their responsible astronauts like Edwin “Buzz” and Neil Armstrong to complete the mission. Besides, Michael Collins was the Command Module of the spacecraft. Many people watched Apollo 11 take off and land on the moon on their tv screens.

But only a few individuals knew the secret of the mission. Journalist and American author Norman Mailer has unveiled some lesser known facts about the mission in his book titled Moonfire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11. The book has been re-published before Apollo 11 50th anniversary.

Secrets of Apollo 11 which nobody has told you

When the Apollo 11 returned to Earth, NASA didn’t tell anything about the diseases, or alien pathogens which were lurking on the moon. Due to that, Collins, Armstrong, and Aldrin were forced to go under compulsory isolation.

Restored footage from the documentary Apollo 11 should further prove it was real, not faked. from space

Moreover, they were kept away from their own loved ones for 21 days. According to the reports, the astronauts had to spend an entire month in isolation.

For visitors, a prison-like room was created which had a plate-glass partition tightly sealed from the ceiling to the floor. They could talk with the visitors through the glass wall with the help of microphones.

Moreover, you can find multiple shocking details about the Apollo Mission in the Norman Mailer’ book.

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