NBA Draft Lottery: How to watch, when to watch and main events

A scene at the lottery round.

Playoffs for the NBA are at full throttle. As more and more teams are losing, only a few fans have their contenders in the game. But, every one of the teams has got a contender in the NBA Draft lottery.

Teams have a lot to lose this time around because of Zion Williamson. The marvellous player from Duke is expected to take the top spot. He is the best for years and all the teams would be excited to defeat him.

The NBA Draft lottery settles the rank of the teams who don’t make playoffs and its been there since 1985. Only the first four picks are determined by the system of the NBA Draft lottery. The opposite of the seasonal records of teams will be used to order the remaining ones.

NBA Draft Lottery-May 14th Tuesday: How To Watch & The Changes

A scene at the lottery round.


NBA Draft lottery: How to watch

You can watch the NBA Draft lottery on the 14th of May i.e Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET. It is being held in Chicago, Illinois and can be watched on ESPN. If you want to stream it online, you can check at WatchESPN.


The lineup.

Changes made to the format

A new set of lottery odds are implemented. It’s done to make sure that the teams don’t tank. Earlier, teams with the most horrible records had a very tiny chance of being at the top pick.

This time around, the teams at the bottom (3) have an equal chance of bagging the top position. The NBA has smoothened out odds throughout the board and is giving teams in the middle of the lottery a lot greater chance to shift up to the top 4 picks.

It was almost always that the team with the most critical record was guaranteed to receive nothing worse than the fourth pick. It happened because only the first three positions of the lottery were determined by luck.

Now since the change of scenarios, the first four picks will be chosen by the lottery draw and the group with the worst record will get nothing worse than the 5th pick.

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