NBA Finals : Warriors Klay Thompson suffers hamstring injury

NBA Finals : Warriors Klay Thompson suffers hamstring injury

Klay Thompson landed awkwardly after shooting a three-pointer with legs widespread and suffered a hamstring issue in Game 2 of NBA Finals. The injury was freakish but didn’t look a major issue on its onset and Klay might be available for the next game.

A night of unavailability for Warriors at NBA Finals

Warriors seemed to have luck against them through injuries. Before Klay’s injury, Warriors also lost Stephen Curry to sickness in the first half only to return later in the night. Kevin Looney also suffered a sprain in the shoulder and Andre Iguodala suffered an injury scare too.

Iguodola was screened by Mark Gasol but returned to action soon after. Kevin Durant also suffered a leg injury to leave Warriors gasping in the second half.

Thompson has never before missed a playoff game but may miss one now if the issue serves. This would be a hefty blow to the Warriors they can hardly afford. No team would not miss a player of Klay’s calibre as such an important juncture.

Klay, Iguodala save the night for Warriors

Klay, to his credit, was incredible before getting injured and forced to miss the remaining of the match. The Warriors point guard scored 18 points in the first half itself, adding 7 more in the second before injury stopped him.

The passion he brings to the table is too like none else, Klay is a true inspiration. Thompson also played the all-rounder to perfection by stopping Kawhi Leonard’s attack in the third quarter. Raptors after being in the lead were left without a field goal for 6:43.

Iguodala came and took control from the onset. He replaced big boots and expertly so maintaining, if not increasing, the intensity. He scored all his 8 points in the second half snatching the advantage. That also included three-pointers with 5.9 seconds left to dismiss hopes of a late Toronto fightback. Check out The Geek Herald for more updates.

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