NBA News: USA to Lose Basketball World Cup Title Because of NBA Stars Like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and LeBron James

USA Basketball World Cup National Team

The USA basketball national team has always given NBA the best players which turned into big stars. While the players of the NBA doesn’t give the national team much in return as most of them withdraws their name from the team list. Kevin Love has officially retired from the US National basketball team and won’t play anymore for them.

It is not just him, most of the top NBA stars are planning to not play in the upcoming world cup. Most of the players are trying to commit to the NBA games for full time and doesn’t care much about the national team games. Here are the names of NBA stars who won’t play for the USA team in the world cup and also the ones who will play this year.

Top Players have withdrawn their Names

USA Basketball World Cup National Team

James Harden, Anthony Davis, and DeMar DeRozan have also withdrawn their names from the basketball world cup 2019. Even the players who played for the USA team last year, have also taken off their names. They have given out various reasons like health issues, injury recovery, family matters, etc to cancel their names.

Even the biggest names from NBA like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and LeBron James won’t play in the tournament. The list goes on and includes names such as Russel Westbrook, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins and many more.

Basketball World Cup 2019

USA Basketball World Cup National Team

The basketball world cup will start on August 31 and the finals will be played on September 15 in China. USA national team has been winning the title from last two years and it will be the third time to claim it. But it might not happen and the USA might lose it as only 13 players have registered from the list of 20 names.

Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, D’Angelo Russell, Aaron Gordon, and Julius Randle are the only big names that will play the world cup. Steve Kerr, Lloyd Pierce, and Jay Wright will be part of the coaching staff. The first match of USA team is against the Czech Republic and then other 6 teams in the round-robin format.

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