NCT 127 and Ava Max are speculated to have planned a collaboration

NCT 127 and Ava Max are speculated to have planned a collaboration

Well, it looks like South Korean boy group NCT 127 will soon collaborate Ava Max. Fans are going wild after rumours stating their collaboration hit the media. However, the cause of the rumours are the celebrities themselves. Therefore it will be fun to watch whether these speculations make it to reality or not!!!

Ava Max’s tweet gave birth to rumours, speculation a collaboration

NCT 127 and Ava Max are speculated to have planned a collaboration

Ava Max is rumoured to have set a collaboration with NCT 127
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Things heated up after Ava Max twitted about an impending announcement which she promised to reveal tomorrow. However, things did not end there. The American singer’s post garnered much attention when SM Entertainment group responded to it.

The SM Entertainment group said that it was ready for the announcement. Now, this might just be a coincidence and maybe both parties are just having fun. However, people’s wild imagination raked the Earth for all possible reasons for this tweet chatting.

People’s attention then dropped towards the previous posts by Ava Max. She is believed to have been paying attention to NCT 127’s work. She even praised and mentioned their track “Superhuman”. Now after this things definitely sound fishy, don’t they.

History of Ava Max and NCT 127

Amanda Ava Koci is professionally known as Ava Max. She is an American singer as well as a songwriter. Amanda aka Ava was born on 16th February in the year 1994. At the young age of 8, she moved to Virginia along with her parents.

She participated in umpteen music competitions before she entered her High School. She pursed her carrier in the field of music and achieved great heights. One of her greatest achievements is her solo song “Sweet but Psycho”. The song succeeded in topping charts in several countries.

NCT 127 and Ava Max are speculated to have planned a collaboration

NCT 127
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NCT 127 is a South Korean boy group featuring a total of ten members. A few of them are a recent addition to the boy group. All ten members were initially in the SM Rookies. SM Rookies is an actually a pre-debut training team that is maintained and run by SM Entertainment.

Well though nothing is for sure right now! Let’s just wait for tomorrow. For with the next rise of the sun all shadows of doubts regarding this matter shall be chased away.

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