Netflix discontinues AirPlay support after disclosure of Apple TV+

Netflix discontinues AirPlay support after disclosure of Apple TV+

Recently, Netflix has dropped AirPlay support indicating “technical limitations

Similar to Google’s chrome-cast, Apple’s proprietary AirPlay technology streams audio and video from one Apple device to another via a network.

The 5 years collaboration between Netflix and Apple for streaming via Apple seems to end soon.  You can’t stream and enjoy Netflix programs anymore via AirPlay from your iPhone to big screen TV.

Netflix trying to get rid of Apple

New TV service of Apple: Apple TV+

Apple TV+, a subscription service that offers a bunch of original TV shows and films. Competing with Netflix by Apple appears to be a big challenge in the entertainment industry.

Apple TV+’s expected lifespan has accelerated. It shall only focus on building technology.

A few days later after the announcement of Apple TV+, a competing streaming service, this feature, which was available for many years, disappeared.

Netflix discontinues AirPlay support after disclosure of Apple TV+

Netflix application no longer supports Apple Air TV.

Netflix chose to retaliate by removing AirPlay and gave a vague explanation for such removal.

The Error message while attempting to use AirPlay displays:-

AirPlay is no longer supported for use with Netflix due to technical limitation.

Users can keep watching the streaming service on their built-in Netflix app on AirPlay-ready devices including Apple TV, iPhone or iPad.

The App still allows users to send video o chrome-cast or Netflix second screen or you can even tether iOS device to screen via HDMI Cable.

The End Line…

Most of the TV makers are speeding up for tech support in their products, giving no real benefit to Netflix users.

Source: Engadget

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