Lucifer Season 5: Netflix has decided to extend the final season

Lucifer season 5 will have 16 episodes.
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On Friday, Netflix and Ildy Modrovich announced that they are ordering more episodes for Lucifer Season 5. It seems like this fan-favourite series will be getting a hell of a send-off.

Netflix Lucifer Season 5 extended

Netflix has decided to extend the final season for the supernatural crime drama called Lucifer. According to the sources, the show was going to conclude with ten episodes, but now, it will end with 16 episodes.

The showrunner Ildy Modrovich and Netflix had both revealed that Lucifer season 5 would be the last. And now, they have discovered a way to make the series longer. Have a look at a tweet which confirms that the series will add six more episodes.

However, neither the crew of the Lucifer series nor Netflix has revealed the reason behind the change. But it will feature with the Lucifer’s original Fox run. The first three series of the show comprised of thirteen, eighteen and 26 number of episodes.

Lucifer season 5 to have 16 episodes

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However, the fourth season was a bit smaller than the last three seasons. Lucifer Season 4 had only ten episodes. Moreover, Netflix and the showrunner Ildy Modrovich, both haven’t announced the release date or any other information for the Lucifer season 5 yet.


Lucifer fans have seen a huge change in characters throughout the entire series. One Reddit user stated that the God Johnson (Timothy Omundson) and Lucifer might make amends with each other in his next trip.

Moreover, the character of Lucifer has changed dramatically since the first season. From being evil and rebel personality to becoming a caring and an unselfish person, Lucy is the true angel. However, one more Reddit user says that God is not upset with Lucifer.

He believes that everything is a part of Lucifer’s plan. God had tasked him with a job that no one else could do, so it is not about being mad, but about respecting his decisions.

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