Netflix subscription price reduced to $3.6, find out if you’re eligible too!


Netflix is working on its mobile only plan for India. Under this plan, the users will have to pay almost half of the basic streaming plan of Netflix. At present, it costs INR 500 ($7 approx) per month for using Netflix in India. But the plan will bring down the cost to just INR 250 ($3.6 approx).

They made a statement confirming the same. It said that several plans are being tested for making the service more accessible for the people. A spokesperson said,

We will be testing different options in select countries, where members can, for example, watch Netflix on their mobile device for a lower price and subscribe in shorter increments of time.

Netflix may be working on weekly plans instead of the monthly plans it usually offers to its users.

Credits: The Verge

Netflix may be working on weekly plans instead of the monthly plans it usually offers to its users. The spokesman particularly emphasized that the change in the prices is experimental and the streaming service might even decided not to launch these plans.

Netflix in India

Cheaper data plans would allow the people to easily watch the content on their phones. A similar plan was launched by the streaming service in Malaysia previous year. At that time, the streaming service mentioned that it will launch this plan in other countries as well.

The plan looks sensible as Netflix already confirmed that it is interested to develop its Indian market. The content extension plans of the company will include more of Netflix original content from India and other interactive TV shows.

The users in India will definitely be happy to hear this news. There is no news about whether these plans will be launched in the US as well. Nevertheless, the new plan will definitely attract new users who hesitated earlier due to high cost.

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