Netflix’s The Red Sea Diving Resort shows twisted facts about the Israeli Secret Agency

Netflix The Red Sea Diving Resort

No doubt, the streaming platform, Netflix is producing many amazing series and films. But, Netflix lacks some elements in its new film The Red Sea Diving Resort. However, the film is based on a true event, but it does not exactly show the real story.

The Red Sea Diving Resort: Is it a real story?

In the movie, the story revolves around Operation Brothers which shows the Ethiopian Jews taking a risky journey to Sudan, in order to reach Israel with the help of Mossad agents. However, Levinson gets arrested on such a mission and then hatches another plan to save the Jews.

He plans that Mossad will purchase a decade-old diving resort that was built by the Italians. He further uses the resort to carry out his operations and smuggles the Jew refugees from Sudan to Israel via boat.

What’s the real story?

Netflix's The Red Sea Diving Resort: What the movie lacks

Operation Brothers from Netflix’s The Red Sea Diving Resort (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

The series is based on a true story where Israel put all possible efforts during the civil war. They made all possible efforts to save the Jewish Ethiopian refugees and bring them to Israel. However, in this attempt, they devastated their own country.

Creative freedom and other shenanigans

Netflix The Red Sea Diving Resort

Netflix’s The Red Sea Diving Resort (Source: Netflix)

In an attempt to show the true-life incident, Netflix has made some vital changes in the real story.

  • In Netflix The Red Sea Diving Resort, it’s Evans’ Ari who himself gets an idea of rescuing the refugees with the plan. He gets a sudden idea out of nowhere while checking Sudan’s maps.
  • Also in a dramatical scene, Eri’s boss wants to shut down the rescue plan and bring the Mossad agents back home.
  • This happens after the Sudanese officers shoot at the boat carrying refugees. Although, this incident happened in real.
  • And then it ends in the Hollywood style, where the Ari has to flee away from the resort along with hundreds of refugees before the sun rises.

Thus, the real story has Netflix twists in it, which makes it lack authenticity. However, Netflix has made a good attempt in showcasing the story. For more entertainment updates, keep an eye on The Geek Herald!


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