Netflix to launch games and tease new series at E3 2019


Netflix, along with the panel, is heading forward at E3 2019, with fascinating game announcements. A tweet from E3 creator Geoff Keighley says,

“They have welcomed Netflix to share news and plans into the gaming space”.

Previously, Netflix and Telltale had joined to make “Stranger Things” into a simulated video game and Minecraft: Story Mode. But, it also claimed to have more than Stranger Things game to whirl across the event. The game has not specified any release date but it’s expected to launch with or after the release of season 3 on July 4.

Netflix’s other projects

In the other hand, Netflix has taken games in two approaches. Firstly, a narrative-driven on its streaming platform like Minecraft: Story Mode and Bandersnatch and secondly, in gaming platform based on Netflix’s original contents such as Stranger Things.

This could be fascinating to see a television content developer has high hopes for gaming space. However, the game on Stranger Things looks like a small fish in the ocean. If Netflix wants to make a big splash in the gaming world, it really needs to invest in high stakes.

Though, keeping a track as Sony has considered not to participate this year. However, to discuss game products AMD has joined the party and now Netflix. As Netflix’s panel has a discussion but it’s important which properties are acceptable for gaming space.

Netflix to announce games and other exciting at E3 2019

SOURCE: Game Informer

Announcement from Netflix at E3 will decide its space

Netflix is trying to cope – up to the game world based on original contents, will that be great. Or making original content in the gaming space is more considerable. However, I personally think Netflix should work on Voltron – the legendary defender as a game.

Netflix’s Stranger things: the game will release on various gaming platforms including Xbox, PS4 and more. Meanwhile, let’s patiently wait for the E3 event to happen. And overhaul exciting releases for a course of 3 days from June 11.

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