Netflix to release Top-10 most watched lists for UK region

Netflix to have “Top-10 most watched” lists for UK region

Netflix has always been cautious when it comes to disclosing viewers. Most importantly, with the press and the producers of the original content. However, it’s changing from the last month of Twitter’s tweet. Netflix has planned to release the top 10 viewed contents on the online platform for the UK.

Netflix to have “Top-10 most watched” lists for UK region

Our Planet – narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Netflix: The top 10 list

According to Netflix, the list will be determined as most-watched regardless of release dates. It includes the list with any season of the series, film or special contents.

However, Netflix says “watched” represents viewers must complete 70% of the content. This step is a test part however, it may change over time depending on the viewers to find it useful.

This list is only available in the Netflix UK and Ireland region. In addition, to its positive responses, the list will be available in other regions of the world.

The first list for April was released on May 9, with Sir David Attenborough’s – narrated, Our planet as overall most viewed. The list was categorized with overall most viewed, most watched movies, series, documentaries, reality-shows and non-English in the UK.

In addition, Black Summer topped the list for most-watched series and The perfect date as the most watched movie. In the non-English “ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga” and “Delhi Crime” was at 4th and 5th of the list.

Are the lists accurate?

Above all, the lists cannot be pretty accurate at times. This data are somehow based on guesswork which when collected while streaming. Subsequently, we cannot say the user might have or not finished the content or left at the middle.

The media and television depend on viewership and the data reported are better released by data analytics firms. Like, Nielsen Holdings which gives the rating at any given time of what the viewers are watching of any contents. However, Netflix may have the advantage of gathering the data from the viewers watching habit.

In conclusion, the list features self-reported ratings, unlike Nielsen. However, if the face values are counted it will provide an insight into what viewers are watching.

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