Netflix vs Disney+: The subscription war just got more intense

Netflix vs Disney+

There is a new race among various video-streaming platforms planning to take on Netflix by the end of 2019. One of these platforms constitutes Disney+, which will launch on November 12th, 2019. As per the sources, the battle for the future of video-streaming, Netflix vs Disney+ has been trending in the past month.

Netflix vs Disney+

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These days, various TV networks have opened their digital platforms as an alternative to Netflix. We are curious to know who will take over the top spot, which has been dominated by Netflix. Besides, all the platforms are on the verge of the price war, and new video streaming service like Disney+ is all set to get in.

Netflix vs Disney+ offerings from cordcutters

Moreover, other upcoming platforms like AT&T and Apple TV+ are keeping an eye on the top spot. As of April 2019, Netflix gained over 148 million paid subscriptions from all over the globe. More than 60 million subscribers are from the US, and over 154 million are under the free trial month period.

There are some speculations that NBC and Comcast will officially launch their streaming services in 2020. Netflix gained popularity for its original series like Stranger Things, Money Heist, Narcos, Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, Ghoul, Wu Assassins, and much more. But recently, it has been revealed that Stranger Things is the reason for maximum subscriptions to Netflix despite the streaming war.

Disney+ will be a true Netflix competitor, with non-Disney shows streaming, too from netflix

Disney, on the other hand, took a smart step by aiming at the top spot. The new Disney+ may get an opportunity to win more subscribers because the company has announced $12.99 package. The news was announced on Tuesday.

Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International solely owns Hulu and ESPN+. Moreover, Disney+ is $6.99 a month, ESPN+ has a free subscription, and Hulu is just $5.99 a month.

Netflix vs. Disney: the golden age of streaming could be coming to an end from netflix

Netflix vs Disney+ show list

Disney is bringing all the favourite shows and Disney movies which includes Star Wars, Marvel superheroes films, Pixar characters, and other TV series on Disney+. Also, some analysts are betting on Walt Disney Co. There are chances for this new streaming giant to take over the top spot in the coming years.

Although it lost the bid for Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, it is all set to win over Netflix. On Wednesday, Analyst Laura Martin of Needham wrote they are aiming to gain subscribers, and hoping for Netflix to lose the U.S. SVOD (subscription video on demand) war.

Reports reveal that Disney is planning to win 20 to 30 million U.S. subscribers by 2024 who will come from Netflix’s 60 million U.S. subscribers. However, their main aim is to cross the subscription of 90 million worldwide. Analysts believe that Disney will cross the numbers next year with $12.99 bundle price.

Disney is about to steal the show

People usually keep on jumping from one service to another when they find interesting content. The 151 million global subscribers of Netflix will get evaporated soon because Disney knows all the strategies of Netflix.

The new shows and cost of Disney+ will attract Netflix subscribers to Netflix. Plus, Disney also knows that Netflix’s shares fell to 10% last month when it raised prices. The price war has already begun! So whose side are you on? Netflix vs Disney+ is just around the corner.

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