Netflix’s The Perfection had quite an interesting ending

Netflix's The Perfection had quite an interesting ending
The new thriller on Netflix called The Perfection is a very bold movie. The ending of the Movie is also very wild just like the whole film itself. If you are intimidated by Allison Williams after seeing Get Out, keep reading.
Warning: The following text contains spoilers for the Netflix series called The  Perfection, if you haven’t watched it yet and wish to watch it, please don’t continue.
Netflix's The Perfection had quite an interesting ending

Charlotte listening to music. Source: Screengeek

The Perfection: What the movie is about?

The Perfection movie is about a cello player whose name is Charlotte. She wants to become a world-famous musician but gives up on her dreams once she leaves her academy where she learns music.
After doing that, Charlotte meets Lizzie who is a very well musician unlike her. Lizzie has completed her education at the academy and has become an elite in her profession.
They both meet when Lizzies comes to visit her music teachers in China. Both of them meet at night and play the cello together. They also go out to dance and then they hook up. Next morning, they decide to tour Asia on a bus together.
This is when things start getting weird. Lizzie gets ill on the bus. Then it is revealed that Charlotte has drugged Lizzie. There’s some talk about bugs and talking about chopping off a hand.  It is assumed that Charlotte is jealous of Lizzie. But, then it’s revealed that she was trying to save Lizzie from Anton.

It was revealed that Anton used to rape students in the elite room.

What happens in the end?

In the end, Lizzie kidnaps Charlotte and makes her do the noble act in which she fails. Anton and others try to rape her but they all die because their drinks are poisoned by Lizzie. This is revealed to be the plan all along.

They both kiss on screen and then go on to punish everybody else who has made them suffer.

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