Nevada Area 51 holding alien hostages threatened by raid!

Nevada Area 51, which is holding alien hostages threatened by raid!

All sort of weird imaginary stuff exists on Internet. Time and again a swirl in the direction of winds brings some preposterous news on social media. Whether it be an alien invasion or a superhuman identity reveal case, all can be found online. Something similar happened on Facebook latterly. Around one million people logged on the media giant to RSVP to a so-called-“raid” on Nevada Area 51 Air Force. Well, all this was done to end the imprisonment of aliens!!!

Nevada Area 51, which is holding alien hostages threatened by raid!

The warning signs on the road leading into Groom Lake, aka Area 51.
Source: The Epoch Times

Nevada Area 51 is suspected by the masses to be holding aliens in it!!

Can’t believe what I am saying?? Trust me its true! Sources cannot trace whether it all started as a joke or some nasty pre-warning by some terrorist gang. However, the serious mission news garnered much more attention that was expected!

Views and posts escalated and reached such heights that even authorities jumped up to take action. The reported mysterious Nevada Area 51 Air Force is expected to be raided on 20th of September. It’s mission will be to rescue and free the aliens that are snared there.

Nevada Area 51, which is holding alien hostages threatened by raid!

The absurd news
Source: Daily Mail

The absurd news mustered a lot of attention, alarming the Nevada law enforcement department. As reported by TMZ the Nevada law enforcement are now preparing to counter any such attack, just in-case one actually happens.

Actions taken to halt any disturbance or attack

The Law enforcement in Nevada declared that it will be arresting anyone and everyone who shall try to commit a crime anywhere around Nevada Area 51. Tear gas and pepper spray are the two non-lethal alternative forces that are planned to be used. The area is turned into a sensitive one for past few day.

The message that wrecked havoc on Facebook read “Storm Nevada Area 51, They Can’t stop All of Us”. Telling people to join and help them to reveal the secrets of the universe. It even said that if Naruto runs then they can easily dodge bullets as well.

However, the message of rummaging through Nevada Area 51 which is an active military base for aliens doesn’t sound like a sane idea!! It’s probably something I’ll have on my “Do these to Die” list!! I mean honestly speaking it’s the training range of US Air Force, why on earth will people hold Alien hostages there??

Well, even if is just a stupid prank by some dimwit, the Air Force is ready to deal with it.

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