New Power Rangers Movie Will Replace Entire Cast Confirms Stranger Things Star

New Power Rangers Movie Will Replace Entire Cast Confirms Stranger Things Star

Dacre Montgomery has revealed some details about the new Power Rangers Movie. However, there is some good news and bad news for the Power Rangers fans.

The good news is, Power Rangers movie is happening, but the creators have not revealed the air date. The bad news is, the new movie is not going to include the cast from the 2017 movie.

Hasbro To Reboot ‘Power Rangers’, Replace Movie Cast from movies

New Power Rangers Movie will have a new cast

Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery portrayed the character of Jason, the Red Ranger in reboot movie. Recently, he was doing an AMA on Reddit as a part of Stranger Things season 3 team. Numerous fans were questioning him about the series.

Later on, Montgomery was asked whether they can expect a new Power Rangers movie or not. And he was very quick to reply to the question. He confirmed that the new film is going to replace the entire cast.

He explained that the new movie is under production, but it won’t involve him and the actors. So the new film will happen, but not with the old cast.

Power Rangers (2017) gained neutral reviews from critics and audience

Some fans really loved the work of director Dean Israelite in 2017’s Power Rangers. But, sadly, the movie did not set a benchmark in the film industry. Besides, it didn’t gain positive remarks from the critics.

Reportedly, the movie grossed only $142 million globally and had a production budget of $100 million. The studio suffered a huge loss and to make things worse, it gained 50% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The audience gave 65% of the score which is better than the critics rating. However, it is not enough for the creators to believe it was just some sort of marketing issue.

As for the new Power Rangers movie, fans heard back in 2018 that Hasbro was looking more a new reboot. At that time, they were unsure, but this February, Hasbro was talking to Paramount Pictures about a new film.

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