Next-gen Samsung SSD to offer incredible performance boost


Samsung is actively working on its 6th generation of V-NAND solid-state devices, popular known as SSD. According to the South Korean giant, the next generation of Samsung SSD will be super fast and ultra-efficient at the same time.

It has already announced a 250GB SATA SSD which will soon be going into production. The 6th generation of 3D V-NAND will feature over 100 layers. This will make them the first manufacturer in the entire industry to do so.

Next-gen Samsung SSD to offer incredible performance boost

Samsung SSD: Give me all that power!

Samsung stated that its new “channel hole etching ” technology will help them fit 40 per cent more cells compared to the current-gen 9x-layer structure. This means that we are looking at an incremental performance boost at almost the same power levels.

The upcoming drives will be integrated with a circuit which is designed purely to provide performance. Samsung says it will take under 450 microseconds for writes and just 45 microseconds for reads.

Next-gen Samsung SSD to offer incredible performance boost

All of this translates to a 10 per cent increase in the overall technology, all the while reducing the power consumption by a whopping 15 per cent.

The 250 GB SATA SSD is already being manufactured. The company said that a 512GB SSD will be made available in the market sometime later this year. Kye Hyun Kyung, who is the executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, said,

By bringing cutting-edge 3D memory technology to volume production, we are able to introduce timely memory lineups that significantly raise the bar for speed and power efficiency

The V-NAND structure also improvises on the problem NAND drives encountered. It is working on bringing the V-NAND technology to SSDs and even eUFS drivers. Samsung has reduced the channel hole from 930 million to 670 million, This allowed them to optimize the manufacturing productivity by over 20 per cent.

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