NFL: Jalen Ramsey Trade Deals with Chiefs, Eagles, Raiders and Ravens

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deals Chiefs Eagles Raiders Ravens

Jalen Ramsey has made up his mind and won’t return to the Jacksonville Jaguars no matter what happens. The Jaguars side is doing everything it can legally and illegally to keep the cornerback from leaving but it won’t be easy.

Ramsey is missing out practice sessions with the Jags and didn’t even played in the Week 4 game against the Broncos by giving out various excuses ranging from calling in sick to attend the birth of his daughter. It is why Jalen Ramsey would be traded before the October deadline and Chiefs, Eagles, Raiders, and Ravens could be one of the NFL teams to offer him a trade deal.

Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deals Kansas City Chiefs

Jalen Ramsey would love to be a part of the Kansas City Chiefs and play alongside Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have only one weakness and adding a cornerback like Ramsey would solve their defense issues. Ramsey could be the turning point in the game when the Chiefs will face Patriots in the AFC Championship game of NFL 2019 season.

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deals Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are going through a tough time where their defense has almost given up. The Eagles are 2-2 and lost two straight games against normal teams in this season. Jalen Ramsey has been on their trade radar for too long and there are also rumors that the Eagles have offered two first-round picks to the Jaguars in exchange for the corner.

Oakland Raiders

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deals Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders might not be the best time in the NFL right now but they have shown some great development. The Raiders led by their starting quarterback Derek Carr have an amazing offense and they even defeated the Indianapolis Colts team in their last game. Jalen Ramsey can improve their defense and the team can become better on all the fronts.

Baltimore Ravens

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deals Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens have lost their last two games despite their offense doing an amazing job. Lamar Jackson and company were able to score 59 points in the season opener and gave a tough fight even to the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. The Ravens only lack a skilled cornerback like Jalen Ramsey and they could come out on top with him on their roster.

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