Nicolas Cage is out in hunt for the Holy Grail! Really?

Nicolas Cage the actor who broke boundaries

The characters that Nicolas Cage plays in his movies for decades are actually as wild as his real life. In an interview with New York Times published online on Wednesday the actor was talking on various miscellaneous topics, beginning from his most hated film Peggy Sue got married. And to encourage a young friend named Johnny Depp for his first audition.

Nicolas Cage the real star

Nicolas Cage the actor who broke boundaries

Nicolas Cage & Johnny Depp (Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

But all of these were his extravagant past and his search of historical artifacts that stood out in his 5500 words interaction. Nicolas Cage was in quite a few headlines the previous years.

When it came to terms that he was using a shell dinosaur skull but eventually to turn it over. It was because of some legal purposes that the event occurred.

The dinosaur event was an unfortunate event because he spent $276,000 on that as confirmed by David Marchese. He bought that item at a legitimate auction but had to return it because it was an illegal abduction from Mongolia.

Also, he never got the money back for the purchase. But that incident brought in new interest for the 55-year-old actor, a quest for the Holy Grail.

The quest for the Holy Grail

Nicolas Cage the actor who broke boundaries

Because of the incident he started following mythology and finding stuffs which aligned with that. It’s similar to when you buy a book which has a reference to another book and you need buy the next one as well. Same was his quest for the holy grail.

In the beginning, it may have been a literal search bu finally Cage concluded after trekking through England Grail is nothing but the Earth itself.

In 2018 he was blasted by Turner for his unusual behaviour on the sets going so far to call him an “asshole”. Nicolas Cage also brought in his fairy tale story of encouraging Johnny Depp to pursue his career in acting.

He told that they both were good friends and played monopoly when he asked Johnny to try his hands in acting when he wanted to become a musician.

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