Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumors: Why is the Couple planning to Break Up?


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s fourteen year old marriage is constantly placed under the radar of tabloids. Sources believe that the couple is going to end their relationship. There are several reasons that  point towards couple’s divorce.


Couple’s Transcontinental Romance

Geography of the couple could be one of the reasons why their marriage is being questioned.  Even though both of them hail from Australia, Urban has to move back and forth to Nashville as he is closely aligned to the country music.

The stars have a home at Australia as well as Nashville. This has caused friction in their relationship. Last year,  a source claimed that Kidman and Urban were towards the last leg of their marriage after their tense trip to Australia.


Keith returned to the US a few days after a major fight with his spouse.

Nicole accused him of rushing home to be around his young musician friends – specifically the female ones.

Nicole was very upset with Keith’s behavior.

Truth about Keith and Nicole’s Relationship

As the entire story seemed dubious, Kidman’s representative was approached to confirm the rumors. It was then clarified that the rumors were completely false and made up to sell juicy news.

Keith feels like he’s sacrificed a lot to be the perfect husband and move to Australia, but Nic’s not having it all her way.

Apparently, the couple resolve their marital issues in Australia. But the truth was that Nicole had to return to Australia in order to work on a new project. Keith and Nicole are perfectly happy in their marriage.

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