Nicole Kidman will help Kylie Minogue to return to Hollywood


Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman have known each other for years.

Kylie Minogue asking for Nicole Kidman’s help?

During the years, their relationship has been improved. Kylie decided to ask Kidman for help. Kylie wants to make a comeback in Hollywood and she knows that it is only possible with the help of Nicole Kidman.

The source said,

She’s very cautious about choosing the right project. Things are slowly getting better in Hollywood for Women of her age, but let’s face it, there were very little room for another Aussie blonde.

The source recently criticized Kylie for her acting skills. They said that most of the projects she worked in didn’t became popular.

However, they also mentioned the thing which hasn’t stopped the actress from working is her determination and love for the industry.

The source said,

And having someone brilliant like Nicole on board as her key advisor is probably the only way she’ll ever be brave enough to try it again.”

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumors

Several sources are claiming that the couple are on the verge of separation. Another source claimed that the couple are having fights. Kylie and Kidman flew to Australia with their children, to start their new project.

Last month, a source claimed that the pair decided to return to Australia to solve their marriage issues. But, it was claimed that the pair was continuously fighting during the whole quarantine.

However, none of these rumors are true. Keith and Kidman are not ending their healthy relationship. There was no evidence of Kylie asking Kidman’s help to renew her Hollywood career.



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