Nike Betsy Ross Flag sneakers: American flag history gains spotlight

Nike Betsy Ross

Well, Nike seems to have reignited some old arguments. A new collection of Nike sneakers came out on Monday and soon after that commotion began. The former NFL star, Colin Kaepernick complained about the shoe being offensive to America. Things heated up a bit and Nike Betsy Ross halted the distribution for the time being.

American flag history gains spotlight after the launch of Nike's Betsy Ross Flag sneakers

The Nike sneaker which caused all the ruckus!!
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American Flag featuring shoes are halted from distribution

Nike passed the decision of halting the distribution of its new Air Max 1 Quick Strike. The new collection of sneakers featured Betsy Ross’s American flag. However, Colin raised an argument stating that it was more like a throwback to American’s era of slavery. A time when the prominent and significant people of America held slaves and tortured them.

Nike is reported to have delivered the shoes to retailers earlier but later asked them to return it back. The red, white and blue sneaker holds 13 stars which represent 13 original states. Even though Nike has retraced its step, it’s one wrong decision has revived the old arguments.

Did Betsy Ross really sew the first American Flag??

American flag history gains spotlight after the launch of Nike's Betsy Ross Flag sneakers

Nike pulls back the Betsy Ross sneakers
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A tour back to American History might reveal the secrets of the flag sewn on the new collection of sneakers. Betsy Ross is believed to have sewed the first flag of America at the request of Gen. George Washington.

Every elementary school pass-out knows about it. However, time and again people argued it to be more of a tale than a fact. In the book “The History Of the Flag of the United States” Ross’s grandson has written about the creation of the US flag.

William Canby, Ross’s grandson through the medium of the book revealed what was Betsy’s side of the story. The books say that Ross was approached by Washington and his men for the task. However, lacking any prior experience for it Ross asked for a pattern to work on. Relying on her abilities.

Betsy Ross and Washington are believed to have worked together to set design and finally agreed on a final look. The story was often put to question for it lacked any solid evidence. However, the story is still believed to be true by many.

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