Niki Lauda dies at the age of 70 leaving behind a Legacy

Niki Lauda dies at the age of 70

Niki Lauda dies at the age of 70 and leaves a treasure of his legacy behind him. The F1 racers have been paying their tributes to their idol. His achievements as an entrepreneur and as an athlete have been truly inspirational and can never be forgotten.

They say that a soul never dies, and it is true. This soul would never die, it’ll always stay in the racing nose of the F1 beasts when they run on tracks. He would never be forgotten, he would be one of the finest human beings to have been alive here.

Legend Niki Lauda dies at the age of 70 leaving behind a Legacy

Remembering one of the best athletes and entrepreneurs
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The reasons for death

Niki Lauda had been facing severe health issues before his death. He had been visiting the hospitals frequently since the last mid-year. He also underwent a lung transplant surgery in the month of August and rested for two months in the hospital.

Even at the beginning of 2019, he caught flu which led to a deterioration in his health. Finally, on this Monday he breathed last in his ethereal form and began his eternal journey. The Austrian press reported of the kidney dialysis which he underwent in Switzerland. He was surrounded by his beloved family when he closed his eyes.

Legend Niki Lauda dies at the age of 70 leaving behind a Legacy

Niki Lauda of Austria champion of F1 racing

Achievements of Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda had been the F1 racing champion for thrice. In 1971 he debuted and in 1974 he won his first title. Since then we had our hero, he then claimed the maiden title in 1975. He made one of the most remarkable comebacks in the sporting history after being badly burned in the fire at Nurburgring. That year he missed the champion title just by a single point to McLarens James Hunt.

The second title for Ferrari came in the year 1977, then in 1978, he moved to Brabham. Since then the journey of becoming the most cherished biker took a flight. Today, as we remember him and his will to live life in the thrill, we pray to draw him and his habits in our everyday existence and pray for his soul to rest in peace. Check out The Geek Herald for more updates.

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