Nintendo E3 2019 has much bigger announcements, despite Animal Crossing

Nintendo E3 2019 has much bigger announcements, despite Animal Crossing

E3 season is on its way with a bigger announcement this year. Fans and gamers are hyper-charged with numerous reveal through the event. And while we go through all of this, Nintendo, on the other hand, is considering major releases from the event. Why not, Nintendo E3 2019 conference is making a big basket from its panel at the event.

In a major course of time, the franchise revealed around 14 announcements this E3 season. However, the announcements are done in rapid fire, while some games can drive fans crazy and others are not up to mark. Most awaited Animal Crossing for the Switch got delayed and many other awaited releases are listed down if you missed the chance.

Nintendo E3 2019 list of major releases

The best at last, Nintendo gave a pleasant surprise to their fans. Breath of the Wild, a major sequel to the Zelda Legend got a revelation at the end. However, not many details of the game came to the limelight but a dark sequel is for display.

There are more games that included the addition of fighting style play or new upgrades. As for now, the Smash Bros allows some players from Dragon Quest and super excited Banjo. This new characters will join the territory at the end of summer while Banjo will be out during the fall.

Nintendo E3 2019 has much bigger announcements, despite Animal Crossing

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While some games are reborn others may not be that extraordinary for the franchise. Lungi’s Mansion 3 got revealed at the E3 event and is much like a catapult for the Nintendo franchise. The unsettling physical gameplay and also with Co-op strategy will be out at the end of 2019.

Dark Crystal is another way to enjoy Final Fantasy

This game allows the players to have more tactics like The Final Fantasy. The game is followed up from Netflix’s new combat series – Age of Resistance and Switch is ready to release a game based on this.

Nintendo surprises as much as the fans want from their inner heart. From the Nintendo E3 2019, Legend of Zelda will a visit the market on September 20. This game covers a remake along with new challenging mode.

Oh my god! The game which created havoc from the past decade Witcher 3 is also included in the E3 announcements. Geralt is portable, the best role-playing game will be available later in 2019. The series maintains the new upcoming of Wild Hunt from the Witcher 3 sequel. Along with this horror series of Resident Evil is also attached to the list of games arriving this fall.

Mech Fighters and Pokemon withstands major in Nintendo E3 2019

Love for machines is always a favourite theme for all gamers. Soon after the release of Hollywood movie transformer, most likely the machine love is grown to the zenith. And now Nintendo released absolutely an extraordinary Daemon X Machina which ought to release on September 13. Thus the trailer looks absolutely wild and promising.

Soon before the E3 event commenced, the rumour of some new Pokemon characters was added to the game. And now the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield will allow characters to jump and signify in the outer world.

Nintendo releases Musical Genre Game

A new genre from the Nintendo – where players escape from the Xenomorph. Along with super fun monster hunter game  “Dauntless” also joined the Nintendo E3 2019 list. As per now, the game will get a place in the market at the year-end.

Another surprise which heralds the announcement is the musical genre game. The game developed as an independent from the Zelda series is Cadence of Hyrule. The game is scheduled to launch on June 13.

Classic series can be mesmerizing at times, but this time Nintendo is even more unique in its developing, Panzer Dragon is a remake and will arrive at the switch ports. However, the remake has advanced graphics and is more identical to the original game.

Nintendo E3 2019 has much bigger announcements, despite Animal Crossing

SOURCE: GameSpot

Nintendo E3 2019 – Discount on the purchase during the event

Is Nintendo even more excited from the event along with great games announcements? This could be more exciting with the present scenario from the Nintendo Franchise. The company confirmed a sale of up to 50 per cent for the E3 2019. Later, posted on its Twitter with discounts on its selected Switch as well as 3D games. However, the discounts are available till June 18.


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