Nintendo Switch owners have filed for a class-action lawsuit in US

Class-Action case filed against Nintendo

All the Nintendo users who are using their pairs of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are thankful that their devices are not experiencing drift. Drift is certainly a big issue because every other Switch owner is having a Joy-Con which is behaving unusually.

Nintendo never faced the issue as the hardware used by Nintendo is enduring and durable.

A rear failure from Nintendo SwitchClass-Action case filed by Nintendo Switch owners

Nintendo devices are having stick-drift as the issue for their suffering. The Nintendo switch’s stick moves in the direction to its own accord which can be frustrating at times.

This is more of a design flaw than anything else and the manufacturers should be taking the responsibility. Nintendo owners with this issue have filed for a class-action lawsuit in the US.

According to GoNintendo, the law office of Chimicles, Donald Smith and Schwartz Kriner is filing a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed after getting information from affected parties.

CSK&D has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo Incorporation. Lawsuit is filed for claims involving defects in the Joy-Con controllers. The grievance, registered in the United States District Court. The joysticks on Joy-Con controllers are defective, and users have to experience drift issues as per the claims.

Consequences for Failure

Class-Action case filed against Nintendo

The joystick is the focus of the complaint. Joystick starts recording movements of its own even when it is not under the use. The complaint is filed on behalf of purchasers brings claims under various lawful acts.

The issue being faced is pervasive, but it’s surprising to see Nintendo quiet for Switch Joy-Con stick drift. The issue will definitely make them speak up. The main factor which needs to be addressed is the cause of the issue.

Some of the users think the cause is dust build-up while others believe it is due to a bona fide hardware flaw. Provided the type of issue in the console it looks more of a hardware flaw. It’s still an option to replace Joy-Cons on the regular switch but it will cost heavy for Nintendo.

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