Nintendo Switch launches a lite version to enhance user experience

Nintendo Switch launches a lite version to enhance user experience

Nintendo is a Japanese company  one of the world’s largest video game companies. The company had already launched Nintendo Switch which is loved by everyone. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, unlike the traditional consoles that have ruled the market for the past two decades.

Nintendo Switch launches a lite version to enhance user experience

Uses of Nintendo Switch

  • By it we can play on TV.
  • We can play with friends by detaching Joy-Con controllers.
  • By undocking the system we can take it anywhere.
  • It has variety of play styles.

As we all love the Nintendo Switch, it is a big surprise for all of us that recently a new switch is introduced. The switch name is Nintendo Switch Lite.

Features of Nintendo Switch Lite


  • A cheaper alternative.
  • More user friendly.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Joy-Con controllers are part of device.
  • A good d-pad.
  • Comes in grey, yellow and turquoise color.
  • Has matte texture that is pleasing to hold.
  • 5.5 inch touch display.

According to Doug Bowser (Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo), they have focused on portable only option. He stated that,

We have the ability to track how people play games and play our titles, so I would say that it’s really an option that offers more choices to people”.

Nintendo Switch Lite’s notable points

  • It can not be connected with television.
  • IR Sensors has compatibility issues.
  • Some features of Pokemon Let Go game, requires additional Joy-Con.
  • Despite new designs and very few changes, it s much identical with the original switch.
  • The brightness of it can be adjusted manually.


Doug Bowser also said that,

“This is the perfect opportunity for us to offer more choices, and to bring more consumers into Nintendo Switch in the third year. When you tie that with the software that we just announced at E3, we’ve got a perfect opportunity as we head into the holiday.”

On September 20th, the Nintendo Switch Lite is launching. People are excited for it and are waiting to experience the advanced experience of it.

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