Nintendo Switch Lite gives tough competition to Apple’s iPod

Nintendo Switch Lite gives tough competition to Apple's iPod

Apple launched its $200 iPod a couple of months back which is the cheapest iOS device available till now. However, Nintendo has now come up with a legit rival of the gaming device. The $200 option launched by Nintendo seems to allure people more. Switch Lite is smaller than the original Switch and does not connect to a TV. So what’s the point of comparing it with Apple’s iPod? Here’s why.

Nintendo's Switch Lite gives tough competition to Apple's iPod

Reasons for choosing Switch Lite over iPod

1. Built for games

Nintendo’s Switch Lite is basically built for the gaming purpose. Its 5.5-inch body makes it easier for handling in smaller hands. It is more pocket-friendly being compact in size. You can also use Joy-Cons with the Lite Device.

On the other hand, the iPod is more compact with a size of 4-inch. But, it definitely becomes frustrating while playing because of the touch controls. You can get an add-on controller with Bluetooth support but before that, the game you want to play should support it.

2. Wider options for games

Nintendo offers a wider range of more than 2,000 games. These are available in Nintendo’s e-shop.

3. Better for playing with family and friends

Nintendo’s Switch Lite becomes a more good option when it comes to gaming with friends and family. As you can play with your relatives who have Switch too.

Plus points of having Apple iPod

Nintendo's Switch Lite gives tough competition to Apple's iPod

1. Apple Arcade

Apple’s subscription service can provide you with a wider range of games at a nominal monthly fee. Plus, all the games of the iPod can be played offline as well.

2. iOS 13 dark mode

What lures the buyers is the iOS 13 update in the Apple iPod. This update brings the dark mode to all apps and makes it more interesting. You can also use Apple ID to sign in to your iPod.

3. The more real AR experience 

iPod touch also works with the AR apps available in the App Store. This also includes the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

4. Headphone Jack

You can also connect your wired earphones to the iPod as it comes with a headphone jack of 3.5 mm.

All in all, Nintendo Switch Lite will provide a better gaming experience if you are more regular with the Switch. And if you want to sign in and get the Apple Arcade, iPod Touch definitely makes more sense.

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