Nintendo Switch Lite SALE on Amazon about to go LIVE

Nintendo Switch Lite SALE on Amazon about to go live

The much-awaited Nintendo Switch Lite is now available to pre-order everywhere. And, the major retailers like Amazon have already put the device live for pre-ordering. However, Nintendo’s Switch Lite will release in the US on 20th September.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Specifications

Nintendo announced its Switch Lite in June. And, the device seemed pretty amazing at the time of the announcement. As the Switch Lite has a completely different console.

  • The Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with detachable Joy-cons.
  • However, you can wirelessly connect the Switch Lite with accessories like Joy-cons and Pro-controllers.
  • The Switch Lite has a smaller screen as compared to the Switch.
  • Also, according to the gaming giant, Switch Lite will have better battery storage. They boast that the device can handle 3 to 7 hours of continuous playing.
  • But, till now, there is no clarification whether the Switch Lite can be connected to televisions or not. If not, it will be a handheld device.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Limitations

Nintendo Switch Lite SALE on Amazon about to go live

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite (Source: IGN Entertainment)

For those who are pondering about if the device has any limitations, yes it does have some:

  • Firstly, those who already have a Nintendo Switch may not go for it as the Switch Lite has the same performance as the predecessor.
  • Also, as stated above, it cannot connect with a television.
  • And, the Switch Lite still uses the old-style USB-C to charge.

Thus, the new device is quite similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Where to Pre-Order?

In case, you are wondering that where can you pre-order the device, check the following:

  • The Switch Lite costs $199.99
  • And currently, it is available for pre-order at Amazon, GameStop, Target and Best Buy.
  • The pre-order for the Switch Lite is currently in three color variants- yellow, turquoise and grey.

So, if you wish to, you can pre-order the device at the above-mentioned sites. For more updates, keep watching The Geek Herald!

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