Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite: Price, specs, comparison and other details

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite:

So we have finally received a confirmation that Nintendo Switch Lite is real and will offer an entry-level version of Nintendo Switch costing up to $200. Nintendo Switch Lite will lack with some of the features in comparison to Switch being a cheaper version of the blockbuster handheld by Nintendo.

Console players might be disappointed since Nintendo is very fond of giving hardware update for its devices.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite:

This is the first Switch update, now let’s get into details about the distinctions from Switch Prime.

Step by step comparison

Does it switch?
  • Nintendo Switch: Yes
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: No

This is the most important feature that is missing from the Lite version. Switch as the name suggests, can be switched from handheld, docked and tabletop modes. Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t do justice to its name and is only a handheld console. We might see some different solutions for switch but as of now, it can’t be switched.


The Switch will be released at a price of $299, and light, on the other hand, at a price of $199 which is significantly lower than the Switch.


One of the defining features that are equipped with the Switch is Joy-Cons. But this isn’t the case with the lighter version. Lite is still compatible with Joy-Cons. Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t come with support for a 3-D rumble.


Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite:

The Switch Lite will be comparatively smaller in size than its parent Switch. The lite version is more comparable to 3DS than Switch, in fact, a Twitter user has made a handy comparison of the device.


Switch Lite and Switch both will be featuring the same games, but the library won’t be the same. And the games supporting the handheld modes would not be available, like Super Mario Party. You also won’t be available to collect the moons in the Super Mario Odyssey.


Talking on a whole, Switch Lite is cheaper than the Switch, and more accessible and makes compromises with size and also the price.

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