Nintendo Switch will soon run on your favourite Android OS

Nintendo Switch just got better

There are a huge amount of people who are dying to install android on their Nintendo Switch. This makes the Switch to be more versatile than it already is. Finally after a long wait, Android is available on the device. We have seen every possible teaser showing Android can be operated on the console. The team behind the work is eventually ready for an official release.

Nintendo Switch finally gets Android

Nintendo Switch just got better

People need to keep in mind that not to install an Android ROM for the switch. As it is an obvious fact that Nintendo will never officially endorse it. Everyone should know that any custom ROM installation of any type of hardware is not advised. This may have an adverse effect on the device.

With everything said and done for the installing of Android on Nintendo Switch. Nobody is stopping you from installing Android on Switch console. If you really want to have a go at the installation you should go and check the XDA-developers forum thread.

The thread explains the installation of Android ROM on the console. The installation of ROM will turn the device into an Nvidia Shield TV which works in both docked as well as handheld mode.

Nintendo looking to put things on track

All of these updates are about Android 8.1 Oreo via LineageOS 15.1, so don’t have an expectation of Pie or Q on Nintendo Switch as of now. Once android is up and running on the switch you will still be able to use the joy controller but only with Bluetooth connectivity. Audio will be supported as there are no issues with that.

Things may get more sorted in future releases, assuming the developers will fix any issues they are facing now. The forum thread also furnishes you detailed information on downloading OS image and installing Nintendo Switch.

Although you do need to wait for an extra week so that everything is ready as the developers are still working for Android release on Nintendo Switch.

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