North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s assassinated brother was a CIA informant

North Korean President Kim Jong-un’s half-brother was a CIA informer
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According to the sources, North Korean President Kim Jong-un’s half-brother was a CIA informer. In February 2017, he got assassinated in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. Before his assassination, he was working for Central Intelligence in the United States as per the sources.

Was Kim Jong-Nam really a CIA informant?

Recently, the news has surfaced about 45-year-old Kim Jong-Nam everywhere. Mr Kim was seen as a threat to his dictator younger brother in North Korea. He became an informant for the CIA to bring down the dictators rule.

Kim Jong Un's step brother Kim Jong Nam was a CIA agent and was killed in 2017 in Malaysia


Some reports also claim that he was not only a CIA informant but also involved in money laundering. Moreover, he laundered money with links with gangsters and casinos. Also, US officials had a hard time collecting information about North Korea.

Various details about Mr Kim still remains unclear to the world. Besides, many former officials of the US have stated that he lived abroad, away from North Korea for several years. Also, he had no powerful connections in Pyongyang which is why he was unable to provide insights into secretive North Korea’s internal operations.

Accusations on North Korea

South Korea and the United States have blamed the North Korean government of various audacious assassinations. However, Pyongyang is still denying the accusations. Additionally, the US President stated that he would not have approved US intelligence to use Mr Kim as an asset.

When Trump was asked about the CIA’s connections to Mr Kim, he stated that he doesn’t know about it. He added that he recently received a letter from the North Korean President. Moreover, he shared his openness to a third summit with the leader.

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